Christmas Gifts for your Dog Obsessed Friend!

Hey dog lovers!

So now that it's past November 1st, we can officially say the festive season is around the corner. We were chatting to a few clients this week about their Christmas (or Hanukkah!) plans, and the topic of Kris Kringle came up, which really got us thinking...

What do you buy for someone who really loves dogs, but doesn't actually need more stuff for their dog? Because let's face it, if they are really die-hard, they'll probably have a museum's worth of dog toys, bowls and other paraphernalia already... which is totally not weird at all and certainly does not describe our house.... #lies #spoiltdogs #crazydogpeople

Anyway, to save you wracking your brains for the perfect answer, we have 11 AWESOME gift ideas that every dog lover will drool over - with lots of time before the Christmas rush!

1. Peppermint Bark Dog Tin ($42)

Ironically, although chocolate and dogs should never go together... they are a fabulous combination in the Peppermint Bark Dog Tin. With such moreish contents and a gorgeous keepsake tin, you can't go wrong. Available at Williams Sonoma, Chadstone.

2. Dog Christmas Ornaments ($9-19)

For a sweet little something which won't break the bank, how about cute canine ornaments for the Christmas tree? We found some at West Elm, Pottery Barn and David Jones in a selection of breeds - why not assemble a pack?!

3. Rodd & Gunn Cap ($49-59)

Rodd & Gunn's famous logo - a Pointer in traditional stance - features across a range of their quality, unisex caps. You won't disappoint a dog lover with this gift (particularly in Summer) - the only issue will be which colour to choose! Monogramming available on some styles - biggest range at Rodd & Gunn store, but also stocked at DJ's.

4. Anything from Peter Alexander (~$50)

If there's one thing Peter Alexander is known for besides great PJ's, it's his great love of dogs. This brand is a canine connoisseur's paradise, with plenty of dog adorned items to choose from, including pyjamas, slippers, and even travel accessories. Our top pick is the Christmas Dogs shorts available in both Mens and Womens.

5. Dog Books @ Dymocks (~$25-40)

Whether a coffee table book or a proper read, a book about your friend's favourite subject matter is sure to go down a treat. For coffee table books try Underwater Dogs or Wet Dog; and for something more substantial, we recommend Endal or A Friend Like Henry.

6. Dog Socks ($10-15)

Not only are socks a great stocking stuffer, they're suitable to literally anyone because... we all wear socks! Between Myer and David Jones, a range of brands do these, including Happy Socks, Mitch Dowd, and Rodd & Gunn. But our favourites are these classic Bamboozld socks, because they have just enough "dog" without going OTT!

7. Rufus the Bottle Stopper (~$20)

One of our clients gave us a Rufus a few years ago and we still absolutely LOVE him. We didn't think wine could be more fun, but Rufus proved us wrong! We've seen Rufus hanging out at a few boutiquey shops or alternatively, it looks like you can adopt him here.

8. Winer Dogs ($17)

These little silicone dogs in varying colours sleep at the bottom of your wine glass during parties so you don't lose your drink! How cute - and what a great excuse for more parties! Winer Dogs can be bought at some gift shops or alternatively online here.

9. The Dog Diary ($45)

So we've only just discovered Nooshel's "The Dog Diary" but we certainly like what we see. It's stylishly designed in Australia and full of adorable dog-isms to keep your tail wagging. Only available online at the moment, you can bag one at Peticular.

10. Donation

As tempting as it is to give a tangible present, sometimes the most thoughtful gifts can't be wrapped. A donation can be a wonderful gift which extends the joy of gift giving to a third party. You can choose any charity - every one is equally in need and worthwhile. The RSPCA have a beautiful Guardian Angel drive this year which allow you to sponsor a four-legged friend for Christmas. What a wonderful idea.

11. A FREE Heads & Tails VIP Dog Leash!

We've saved the best til last! Your dog-obsessed mate wants nothing more than the happiness of their canine companion. Our fun dog walking adventures bring joy to even the most bored and frustrated of dogs! Best of all, their owners go to work without feeling guilty in the slightest. You can help score your mate a FREE Heads & Tails leash for Christmas: share this blog with them, and if they sign up with us before 31.12.18, they will receive their very own complimentary leash during our first meeting, so everyone will know their dog is a V.I.P. (Very Important Pup)!

There you have it! We hope these ideas make Christmas shopping for your dog obsessed friend (or yourself...) a breeze!

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Til next time, happy walking!

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