Did you know these 10 Canine Lifesaving Facts?

Hi dog lovers, and Happy New Year!

It's been a while between posts, our apawlagies! On top of our regular dog walking activities, we've been flat chat undergoing loads of exciting changes behind the scenes! We're excited to share these with you in the coming months.

But for the meantime, we thought we'd tell you about something we did recently which we consider to be invaluable. Those of you who follow us on Facebook or Instagram will already be in the know!

We completed our Pet First Aid & CPR refresher course with A Dog's Life Pet First Aid & Nutrition! And boy did we learn some interesting stuff.

Though we'd previously completed a First Aid course, this one was SO MUCH more in depth, such that we found ourselves with jaws agape at certain parts! Did you know these...


1. A dog's pulse is best located in the femoral artery (the back leg) - not in the carotid artery where we might look for it on a human!

2. Dogs are 3 to 4 times more likely to choke than cats. Hush cat lovers, with your intelligence jokes!

3. Even the friendliest dog may bite someone if he or she is in enough pain: it is a natural reaction.

4. Dogs can't swallow their tongues, but their tongues still need to be lifted out of the way for CPR as they can block the airway.

5. To maximise survival, canine CPR ideally needs to start within 12 seconds of the heart & breathing having stopped.

6. Some dogs can go into life-threatening anaphylactic shock from insect stings (just like humans)!

7. A fractured limb should NOT be straightened - it needs to be immobilised with a splint.

8. The breath rate for dogs is 10-30 breaths per minute.

9. Once applied, a tourniquet CAN NOT be taken off by anyone other than a Vet, because it releases extremely poisonous toxins! Also, a tourniquet should only ever be applied as the very *last* lifesaving option.

10. Snake antivenin costs upwards of $500 per dosage, and most dogs need at least 2-3 doses (sometimes more) in order to survive a deadly snake bite.

For those that already knew ALL of these facts - well done, you're a champion dog owner! But these were just the tip of the iceberg... you'd still really benefit from a Pet First Aid & CPR course.

For those that didn't know ANY of these facts... best book in your course sooner rather than later! Also - it goes without saying that if you enjoy hiking or bushwalking with your dog, or even frequenting the local dog beach, this course has your name written all over it. For less than $100, it is an extremely worthwhile investment into your pet's health. We completed ours in Melbourne VIC, but we're glad to report that PetSaver is available all over Australia.

We also highly recommend the St John Ambulance responder kit, together with the supplementary kit curated by A Dog's Life Pet First Aid (pictured above). Together, these comprise absolutely everything you'll need to be your dog's very own paramedic. Remember: The first few minutes your dog experiences in a medical emergency can dramatically impact their final outcome.

The peace of mind you can achieve by knowing what to do when your dog is in this situation is absolutely priceless.

Til next time, take care out there!

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