When is it too hot to walk your dog?

Just an impromptu blog entry to let you know that we're changing the way we do things when it comes to hot days.

The 2017-18 Melbourne Summer has hit us thick and fast, with a few 35°C days already behind us. It really got us thinking about how we're going to deal with extreme heat on an ongoing basis... and more importantly, how the dogs would cope.

By now, you've probably worked out this post isn't about mustard-laden frankfurts at all... or that old contestant from Big Brother.

After much discussion there really was no question that we had to change our tact, and do what most people would do with their dogs with a seriously hot day forecast: walk earlier, or not at all. What we do on a daily basis is all about promoting dogs' health, happiness and wellbeing... and if only dogs could talk, I'm sure they would tell us that they'd much rather be at home in front of the split system when the mercury started heading towards 40°C. It's a no-brainer.

We'd always had a sensible "pack up and go home" agreement when the heat became a bit much... but we thought to go one better, and have a clear-cut plan of action for all to see, so that the solution for any given day is right in front of us (and you).

Behold our updated and improved Hot Weather Policy - super straight-forward and easy to digest. Unlike your mustard-laden frankfurt!

From now on, when the weather gurus at the Bureau of Meteorology forecast a day over 30°C, we'll be starting our days a little earlier... you might see us collecting your four-legged mate at 7AM, and we'll be looking to have everyone home by 3.

If it's an absolute stonker at 35°C or over, we may ask you if we can visit from 6AM, or reschedule to another, cooler day. Stonker days should be all over red rover by 1PM at the latest - it's "tools down" as soon as that thermostat creeps over 35°C.

You may be reading this thinking, "6AM?! Jeepers! I'm still in bed dreaming of a White Christmas at 6AM!". We get it - it's crazy early. But it's important we get out and see everyone before our parks turn into saunas, and our streets turn into hotplates.

I know it sounds like I'm joking - but those 'sauna parks' can cause heat exhaustion, and those 'hotplate streets' can severely burn paw pads. For many of the same reasons, we don't visit beaches or waterways on those days (i.e. sand scorches paws etc.). Also because of snakes, which don't tend to mix well with dogs. And stuff like this news article about toxic wetlands, which seems to get republished from time to time, just with a different date up the top.

SO! That's probably about it. If you have any questions about our decisions regarding the Hot Weather Policy, you're more than welcome to email us. Rest assured it has all been devised with the wellbeing of our pets and people at front of mind. The way it should be.

Thanks in advance for your understanding and flexibility - we really appreciate it, and know your dog(s) will too!

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