Cheap poop-scooping bags that are actually good for the environment!

This week a very exciting package arrived at our doorstep.

The parcel contained "parcels" to pick up little uhh, parcels!

Woah, inception moment...

That's right... we ordered a great big box of poopscooping bags!

We've tried all sorts of bags in the past but from now on we're the proud loyal customers of Maxpak when it comes to cleaning up doggy doo-doos.

The best thing about these bags is that they are degradable. This means we're not contributing to the several billion cubic tonnes of plastic rubbish sitting in landfill by using them... unlike your run-of-the-mill freezer bags and other alternatives.

Secondly, the design is awesome. For a start, they don't have holes in the bottom like supermarket bags often do (and haven't we found that out the hard way?! *shudder*). Also, they are thick and black so you don't have to smell or look at the contents: big tick. On top of that, they have tie-up handles which are super handy when picking up a messy deposit. We'll save you the explanation on this one - just trust us, it's a great feature to have.

Thirdly, they can be multi-purposed... for example, we sometimes use them to carry treats, and pick up slobbery toys at the park (then re-use them for their intended purpose afterwards). You can even fill them with water and create a makeshift drinking bowl.

Lastly... they are CHEAP! We bought over 2000 bags for about 3 cents per bag! No brainer. And you don't have to be a business to order. We'd highly recommend them to anyone.

Before you order, come check out our daily adventures on our Facebook page - we promise we won't post pictures of scooping poop, but there's lots of happy smiling doggos to see!

Happy scooping!

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