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What Your Dog Really Wants...

Tim Falk | Dogs Life Magazine

If your dog could choose to receive any gift - what would they pick? Maybe it's not what you'd think! Read this article to find out the top FIVE things your dog wants from you, and learn about FOUR fun, interactive training games you can play with your dog.

Originally written around Christmas, this article is super relevant to any time of year. Author Tim Falk asked us a few questions about the dog psyche and what really makes our canine companions happy. Scattered with training gems, this interview is a great read for anyone looking to better understand their dog.

As always, such a pleasure to speak with Tim, and to be featured in Dogs Life. It's an honour to be mentioned in the number one dog publication across Australia and NZ, but above all, we appreciate the opportunity to spread the word about gentle, positive dog handling - which we are really passionate about!

You can purchase Dogs Life magazine online here or at any good, dog-loving retailers (i.e. newsagencies, book stores and supermarkets)!

Guilt Trip

Tim Falk | PETS Magazine

Can your dog intentionally make you feel guilty for not giving in to his/her "puppy-dog eyes"? Or is it all in your head? We chatted to Tim Falk about this tricky topic in the recent edition of PETS Magazine.

Dog Training Fundamentals

Tim Falk | Dogs Life Magazine

'As far as dog training commands go, they don’t come any more basic than sit and stay. “Commands such as sit, down and stay are basic instructions that should be learnt to facilitate everyday life and activities,” says Katie Catherwood from Heads & Tails Pet Care Services.'

Fido Fundamentals

Tim Falk | Dogs Life Magazine

"Katie Catherwood from Heads & Tails Pet Care Services offers a range of useful tips to help you and your pooch get started on your training journey."

New Tricks For Old Dogs

Tim Falk | Dogs Life Magazine

'You can't teach an old dog new tricks. It's a cliche we've all heard plenty of times before, but is there any truth to it? Happily, for our canine friends, the answer is an emphatic no. "This old saying is not true at all and has even been scientifically disproven," says Katie Catherwood from Heads & Tails Pet Care Services.'

Walking 101

Melanie Hearse | Dogs Life Magazine

'When it comes to modifying your dog's behaviour, Katie recommends putting your focus on what you are teaching your dog to do rather than what you're teaching them not to do... "The outcome is the same, but when you reframe the situation like this, it immediately becomes positive and promotes encouragement rather than punishment," she says.'

5 Signs Your Dog Loves You

Tim Falk | Dogs Life Magazine

"Katie says that dogs offer us the privilege of something that we often can't obtain from our own kind: unconditional acceptance."

Barking Mad

Tim Falk | Pets Magazine

'According to Katie Catherwood from Heads & Tails Pet Care Services, dogs bark for all manner of reasons. "Just as we have plenty of things to say, so do our dogs. After all, our voice is one of the key ways in which we communicate to others," she explains.'

When Anxiety Attacks

Tim Falk | Dogs Life Magazine

'With the right approach to dealing with anxiety, your pooch can overcome their fears and cope better in a variety of everyday situations - just like Kasper the German Shorthaired Pointer. "Kasper is a different dog these days," Katie says.'

Dogs Behaving Badly

Bupa Pet Insurance

'Most ‘bad’ dog behaviour shouldn’t actually be framed in this way. “Rather than considering behaviour as good or bad, it's helpful to consider them as desirable or undesirable. This removes any confusion around the dog’s intentions,” says Katie Catherwood from Melbourne’s Heads & Tails Pet Care Services.'

Puppy Training Tips: Making Puppy Friends

Bupa Pet Insurance

“Dogs are social creatures. They have been domesticated to live as human companions, but they enter the world as one of a litter and enjoy living as one of a group,” says Katie Catherwood from Melbourne’s Heads & Tails Pet Care Services.

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