Our Ethics

At Heads & Tails, we align with Force-Free training principles, and as such we have a strict code of conduct guiding all of our animal handling and training activities.

We understand "force-free" to mean training and handling animals without the use of shock, fear, pain, choke, physical force or molding, or compulsion based methods.

Clientele, staff and affiliates of Heads & Tails Pet Care Services are required to respect these views, and act in accordance with the following directives:

The welfare of any pet within our care is held in the highest regard at all times, without question. We respect all animals for their natural, biological instincts and behaviours.

Preserving and promoting the human-animal bond is the cornerstone of our organisation. For this reason we will only advocate training and handling techniques where the trust between owner and pet is protected.

Our involvement with any client and their animal(s) is purely offered with the view of improving the animal's quality of life, and never to impair or worsen it for any reason - the animal is the prime beneficiary of our care.

We will only provide advice or services in cases that we have the professional competence to deal with. If any circumstance exceeds our skill set or general ability, we will refer to (or source involvement with) a force-free specialist in the required field of study.

We believe in the use of training/handling tools and methods that are ethically-sound and scientifically-proven; this includes (but is not limited to) using treats in training.

We do not believe in the use of equipment or techniques which are used to cause pain, fear or shock towards an animal in order to achieve desired outcomes. Whilst we respect clients' rights to make decisions about their own pet/s' care, we reserve the right not to, a). use coercive tools, or b). work with anyone who does. Examples of coercive tools are appliances such as choke chains, prong collars, electric collars and rattle tins etc., where the animal's behaviour change is generated through force or intimidation, and not via a genuine, positive and cohesive learning process.

We will not work with (or affiliate with) any person or body who practices or advocates cruelty towards animals. We will withdraw services from any existing client who promotes or demonstrates mental or physical cruelty towards their pet/s.

Our clients' confidentiality and privacy will be respected at all times except in circumstances constituting animal abuse. In these cases, our moral obligations take precedence, and we will report cases to local and state laws. Any existing services will be withdrawn without notice or refund.

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